The lack of overnight campers didn’t stunt the long line of hikers streaming towards the peak. Longs Peak Conditions Report 9/23/2020. It really is nice breaking up the trip this way - feels good to take the packs off and kick back for a bit. Boulder Field is a high alpine backcountry site on Longs Peak, and is a popular camp for backpackers attempting to summit Longs Peak via the Keyhole route. As we unpack and setup camp, it becomes quite obvious The next morning, we started an hour later than we’d planned in hopes that it would be daylight at the keyhole. This was a super-fun climb, lots of interesting challenges, lots of beauty and definitely some new experiences. It is six miles up the trail, so it’s only another 1.5 miles to the summit of Longs Peak. It really is nice breaking up the trip this way - feels good to take the packs off and kick back for a bit. We made it through … Pro Tips All the way back, the red and yellow bulls-eyes marked the way. Camping Near Longs Peak. As you can see, there is zero protection if a storm hits – and nowhere to go for miles. Most summers included a family vacation, generally a road trip and frequently involving camping. Camp Patiya is only about seven miles west of Boulder, Colorado. The report had almost scared us away from the backpacking adventure and camping in the Boulder Field, but we decided to push on. Street Address The address for the camp is 7022 Flagstaff Road, Boulder, Colorado 80302 Lat / Lon Looking for something more specific? From Estes Park, take CO 7 south for 10 miles. San Luis Peak – via Creede and the South Ridge, Blanca Peak – Sacred Mountain of the Navajo. While many trails and roads throughout the park are open to hikers all year, the best time to climb Longs Peak is typically when weather conditions limit risk. The game plan was to backpack up 7 miles and 3300’ from trailhead to the boulder field, set camp and go for the summit early the next morning. Longs Peak via the Keyhole Route and a night spent at the Boulder Field. We had amazing views of the gorgeous bouldery terrain and Longs Peak above lit up by the first light of the day. There is also a popular drive-up tent campground at the Longs Peak trailhead for first-come, first-serve tent campers. Camping is available at the Boulder Field and also on the lower portions of the mountain, such … You don’t want to be up there without a commitment of a site, there’s nowhere else to set a tent! No reservations are taken. Summit: 14,255 feet Conditions have improved significantly since last week's winter storm up high, and this past weekend was very busy on Longs. Look carefully to see the climbers along the yellow dotted line. Starting at an elevation of roughly 9405 feet, hikers will be following the East Longs Peak Trail for the entire route on this hike. If you don't want us to guide you the whole way, we can also take you the backway to the Longs Peak Trailhead and you can hike from there. Download and print the Longs Peak Campground map (pdf) provided by … As can be seen below, it looks exactly as the name suggests. I can only agree with Enos Mills, a naturalist, climber and father of Rocky Mountain National Park who climbed Longs Peak 297 times in his life, who wrote: “Climbing a high peak occasionally will not only postpone death but will give continuous intensity to the joy of living.”, See Hiking and Climbing Equipment Checklist HERE, This site is a collection of articles on subjects that may be of interest to, All Rights Reserved (c) 2015 - 2020 Rick Crandall, This was a warning at tree line (11,700’). However we did have the weather on our side and the night was clear. This would allow us to start the next day with the famed “keyhole” gateway to the more difficult stuff. Post navigation. The camp is in a beautiful mountain forest at 7400 ft elevation. A designated outhouse is a prominent landmark at the beginning of the boulder field and a good stopping point. The 118 is made up of 85% white and less than 1% Native American. Exposure: Significant From this site to the boulderfield campsite is about a 3 hour hike. The campsite has nine sites in rock rings, with a bathroom and water to filter from Boulder Brook. Many people will take 12-15 hours on the mountain. Starting early is essential. Longs Peak is the highest point in Rocky Mountain National Park. Camp Patiya Camp Patiya is a 30-acre camping and day use facility owned by the Longs Peak Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Late evening scramble to a viewpoint of Chasm Lake and the East Face of Longs Peak, followed by an overnight camp at the Boulder Field. It is six miles up the trail, so it’s only another 1.5 miles to the summit of Longs Peak. From Estes Park, take CO 7 south for 10 miles. Access from Boulder or Denver is via highway 119 and 72 which intersects with highway 7. 1.2 miles into the hike lies the Goblins Forest Backcountry Campground, which contains 6 tent sites. If you’ve never done a 14er before, we highly suggest you start with something a bit less demanding. when water is turned off.) There are 26 camping pads at the trailhead- right next to the ranger station. We traveled from Aspen towards the Longs Peak trailhead about 30 miles from Golden along a state road. As we unpack and setup camp, it becomes quite obvious Longs via the Keyhole Route - Boulder Field Camping ; Day One Unable to hike Grays/Torreys via the Kelso ridge after getting rained out on Monday, I set my sights on Longs, which would now be my first fourteener attempt. Amazingly within ten minutes we actually saw some clearing coming from the south (over the keyhole) and so we packed up and went for it. Prices vary based on the distance we are guiding. Windom Peak – 4 Tries and a Fantastic Summit! Our second day on Longs Peak on August 8, 2014. Laying in the tent it was hard to sleep contemplating whether or not the thin nylon would hold up under the unrelenting wind. Since 1970, an average of one person has been killed on Longs per year, which are pretty good odds, really unless you are the one! It took us both a half liter of water to recover. The early morning light illuminates the massive rocky mountain that is Longs Peak. When he returned with a rescue party several hours later she was dead. We camped in the Boulder Field and started climbing toward the summit. None returned from the summit before we set off down the mountain the way we had come. I did this climb with Rick Peckham, a friend from Alaska who is a fit hiker/climber, ex-military search and rescue and a trained paramedic. The camp is in a beautiful mountain forest at 7400 ft elevation. Restrooms but no showers. One of the requirements of the Park is to purchase a “bear-proof” food container (for $65), not so much to protect from bears at that elevation, but from marmots, who are talented thieves. It was favored by the state for gambling, but has outlawed bicycling in a twisted sense of priorities. There are a few designated campsites in the Boulder Field area (5.5 miles up the trail closer to … Bochen Chen 5 - You’ll have over 5 miles of hiking before beginning the climb. We both woke up extremely thirsty and fatigued. Thankfully there is a creek running underneath the rocks of the Boulder Field. NPS. Longs Peak - Boulderfield Winter Camping & Keyhole route. Also, the clouds quickly swamped in the peak and by the time we left Chasm Lake the view from the top would have been nothing more than a thick cloud. Even while hiking at a decent pace, Longs Peak typically takes about 10 hours to complete. Pro Tips I added to our rock wall to help close in the area as the “doorway” was allowing too much wind to pass through. It is six miles up the trail, so it’s only another 1.5 miles to the summit of Longs Peak. This was a different campsite than anything I’d experienced – boulders pushed away to make a circle – and the challenge of falling asleep at 12,700’. Nearing trailhead, Rick P. still looking somewhat chipper …  Rick C.: not so much. Click Here to Continue the Journey Up Longs Peak. As can be seen below, it looks exactly as the name suggests. There was very little smoke remaining in the area. As the name implies, it’s in the middle of a boulder field at 12,760 feet. It is dubbed one of the most difficult Class 3 fourteeners in Colorado. Climbers: Rick Crandall, Rick Peckham August 22, 2012. Getting on the trail at 2 - 3 AM is considered a "best practice" (though if you can score a camping spot in the boulder field, you can obviously push that start time back). - Henry Miller. It then switchbacks north up to the "boulder field", then makes for the distinctive Keyhole formation , a huge overhanging rock projection on the peak's north ridge. The East Longs Peak Trail does have a ranger station with a small campground of 26 sites. The wind was blowing like crazy. So we arrived at the Ranger Station and set out backpacking to the boulder field at 11:45am. Humboldt Peak – West Ridge – Sighting the Eclipse from a 14er! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Boulder Field Campground, Longs Peak, CO. Laura En Route September 26, 2017 September 26, 2017. So she got a memorial. Boulder Field is the most frequently used base camp for a Longs Peak climb. Longs Peak is a seasonal, tents-only campground with 26 sites located nine miles south of Estes Park on Route 7 at 9,500 ft elevation. For the first few hours, we witnessed a lot of people attempting the feat while we had breakfast and packed up our site.

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