If you ask for directions, you’ll almost always get a response, even if the person is unsure. It is believed that the evil eye is cast through jealousy or admiration of another person and may or may not be intentional. 6. When invited to eat a meal with Arabs, you will find differences in etiquette. To cure the effects of the evil eye (such as sickness, mental illness), a religious person prescribes actions that will always include reading from Qur’an and use of “ruqyah” which are Islamic prayer formulas. Why wasn't this page useful? Don't ask about an Arab's wife or daughters. They receive praise for feminine traits. There is no religious or cultural requirement for gender separation in all caring encounters, with patient expectations for gender-based caring dependent on the degree of conservatism within the culture. Never openly refuse a request from a friend. A man is expected to take care of his family financially and feels shame if he is incapable of providing for his wife and children. Proudly created with Wix.com, A Nursing Model to Guide the Care of Arab Muslim Patients. These values are pervasive among the individuals within a given culture and they cause people to behave differently under similar circumstances. The traditional structure of … Arab Culture Facts Respect is highly regarded. Men will entertain friends in the salon, or in their own section of the house. Lebanese culture is one of the most diverse cultures in the Arab region. The Arab world stretches across 22 countries and consists of over 200 million people. The values are general in perspective, and traditions will vary in different cultural and social contexts. There is still a tradition of family business, so fathers and sons sit together to discuss everything related to work and the household. This can cause the misconception that these actions are the norm. Arabs are located in 22 principle countries situated in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Explaining the Connection, Women, Power and the Academy: From Rhetoric to Reality, Birthday Saying for a Military Family Member, 25 Creative Ways of Remembering Loved Ones at Christmas, 10 Gifts Mom Actually Wants to Get for Mother's Day, Prevention of hardship on individuals and society, When entering mosques, women are expected to. • The Arab world is one big desert. Respect the different living areas in the home, when an Arab says, 'my home is your home' it is only an expression. Seafood is mostly fish while mutton and lamb are the more common meats. Token effort of helpfulness is important. Newborns, children, and pregnant women are more vulnerable to harm from the evil eye than adults and the elderly. However, modern women wear short sleeves, skirts and tight jeans. It is one of the foundations of Islamic law. Greet the most senior person first when meeting a group of people. Suction cups are applied to the skin and the air drawn out to create a vacuum (dry cupping) or a small incision made in the skin and suction applied to suck out blood (wet cupping). Education is valued, and there is a commitment to improve education. In the Arab world, most people are conservative and modesty is a positive trait spoken about in the Koran. If the home is small, they time meetings so that visitors do not have to see family members with whom they have no business. Men hold the dominate roles in families and society. page Section One - Arab History:a Brief Overview 2 Section Two - Arab Cultural Values:a Guide to Interaction 6 Section Three - The Arab Family 15 Section Four - Tribes and the Kinship System 19 Section Five - Gender Relations and the Position of Women 23 Section Six - The Importance of Arabic 26 Section Seven - Religious Life 31 Section Eight - Arab Attitudes to the West 42 People who are relaxed and personable enough to establish relationships tend to be more successful. When traveling anywhere in the Arab world, it is a matter of honor that you receive a warm welcome. Although the father has the final say, parents discuss and plan together before making decisions. While dress codes and customs differ from country to country. In this case, loyalty to family is of great importance, even more than to one’s own country. The words Masha‘allah’ (what God has willed) provide protection from the evil eye. The volume of studies done only tells about the importance that work has in our lives. Preserving the family.caters to the familial bond that marks the foundation of customs in the Arab culture. However, if a person is left-handed, it is acceptable to use the left hand for doing procedures (with explanation), for example, giving an injection. Country, or cultural values, are common beliefs and shared ideas about what is right or wrong, good or bad, just or unfair in a society. Belief in the evil eye predates Islam, however there is reference to the evil eye in the Qur’an (113:1-5), so this belief is both religious and cultural. The societal focus in their culture is age and wisdom as opposed to youth and beauty for the Western values. Always use the right hand when eating, drinking, passing or accepting food and drink. Chastity is a fundamental value for both genders, but of greater significance for females. Wasta, Modesty, and Other Cultural Values & Social Customs in the UAE Based on Islamic values, the local customs and etiquette in the UAE may at first seem strange to some. People are proud of their qualifications. Some of the most important values for Arabs are honor and loyalty. Islamic teachings restrict or prohibit touching between unrelated males and females in order to prevent immoral behavior, however does not preclude physical contact where there is justification and need. It is also the root of many of the values that people place importance upon such as ancestry, pride, loyalty and honour. closing curtains or doors) must be maintained. Countries which adhere to extreme interpretations of Sharia, such as stoning, capital punishment and cutting off the hands of thieves, tend to make headlines in the West. Some places, such as Saudi Arabia, use Sharia law for all areas of jurisprudence. If a person talks disparagingly about a relative or speaks of private affairs to an outsider, he is frowned upon. Arab culture actually gladly incorporates extensions of their bloodlines. There are several things you might want to think about when visiting Arabic countries. You should realize that for these families reading and writing is an achievement. Consequently, they are consulted on all matters, even though their advice may not be followed. If bad news is imminent, it may be considered more ethical to engage in circumlocution, rather than go directly to the brutal truth. For example, the admiring person will say ‘Masha’allah’ when congratulating a new mother on her healthy baby. During examination of patients, the patient (male or female) must never be uncovered or left exposed and privacy (e.g. Please help us improve. Tribal life in the desert helps explain many of the characteristics of modern day Middle East such the food that is eaten and clothing that is worn. Often one son will live at home after marriage, to care for his parents' needs. Just like most of the other countries in the world, western culture has played a part in shaping the cuisine of the UAE. 1. The evil eye may cause illness, misfortune or even death. Family commitment and unity, family honor and loyalty, and obligations are the central values of an Arab Muslim. Basic dress tips to follow when traveling to the Arabic world are: Whether for business or pleasure meeting people from the Arab world is an enriching experience. You will always be offered refreshments in an Arab home or office. © 2023 by Strategic Consulting. The family is one social unit, as it is a representation of one’s identity. It is a cultural belief that the right hand is ‘clean’ and the left hand is disrespectful. Curing will require a special religious healer to read from the Qur’an or use of psychology to get rid of the possession. However, the term Arab refers to culture and language rather than lineage. The Saudi society has evolved over the years, their values and traditions from customs, hospitality to their style of dressing, are adapting with modernization. Although there are other religious groups, the majority religion in the area is Islam. For a man, aura includes parts of the body from the navel to the knee while a woman must cover all the parts of her body except the hands and face. This page is to help Americans communicate, understand, and most importantly, do business in the Middle East. • Stereotypes of Arab males: oAll are “oil-rich Sheiks”. Unless a mosque is a tourist attraction, men and women typically use separate areas to pray, read and study. Common remedies include use of honey, black cumin seeds, olive oil, dates, with many traditional remedies found in Islamic teachings. Cupping (Hijama) is a pre-Islamic practice from China, Egypt, Greece and Roman times. You will always be offered snacks; decline the first offer but then accept. oTruly geographically complex and diverse. In Sūrat al-Isrāʼ, god commands that the elderly are esteemed, treated dutifully, and spoken to gently and politely. Arab culture is the culture of the Arabs, ... Arab values One of the characteristics of Arabs is generosity and they usually show it by being courteous with each other. Family is an integral aspect of Arab culture. “Hijama”, meaning sucking in Arabic, is considered a traditional healing method supported in Islam. People do not discuss their concerns outside the family. In summary, the Arab culture places great emphasis on the past in terms of its sense of identity. Children do not leave home until they marry. Western society conceives them as oppressed and unequal to men, but it is important to keep in mind that: In her book, Women, Power and the Academy: From Rhetoric to Reality, Mary-Louise Kearney states that there is a misconception about the status and roles of Arab females, pointing out that throughout Islamic history many women have reached high positions in government. Gender-specific caring is more important in maternity or gynecological care. They in fact love their … Traditions are changing, and women are working from the home and outside. However, people serve a sweet, milkless tea or a ligh… Then you need to understand the role of honour in the Arab world. In the Arab world, parents play conventional roles in family life. There are many values and beliefs within the Arab culture. World Bank data for 2017 estimated the population of the Arab world at 414.5 million. Yes may mean "maybe" Arabs reserve … In some cases, same-gender caregivers may need to be assigned; alternatively the care plan altered if this is not possible. Sometimes this undermines the role of the man as the breadwinner. According to Islamic doctrine, men and women are expected to dress and act with a sense of non-flamboyant decorum. In Arab culture, including the U.A.E, honor is very important and is to be protected at all costs. It is believed that the jinn are always around the humans, but cannot be seen. Islamic law is also known as Sharia, and it has become part of the constitutions and secular laws of most countries. It is always best to say “Yes.” Keep in mind that a “Yes” can also mean “Maybe.” 3. Food is important in the Arab culture. Whenever possible, the poor send their children to school, struggling to keep them in education and scrimping to pay for private tuition in the hope that they will attain school certificates or even university degrees. If someone does a favor for you, return the favor in some way. Good manners and courtesy are prized attributes. Families maintain tribal and clan connections in many countries and loyalties are strong, hence the expression, "I and my brothers against my cousins; I and my cousins against the stranger."