My GP100 is the stainless special edition 5″ barrel model. I just polished while watching TV and it was done by the end of an hour long show. I thought it looked better (sorry). I also took off the annoying adjustable sites in the back and just use the front site like an old western fire arm. S-670 40 AMOTFORS – SWEDEN, 10MM Fenix FXP Ammunition 180gr Speer Gold Dot Gel Test, Underwood 10MM 150gr Nosler — Clear Ballistics Gel Test, Kimber Camp Guard — Buffalo Bore 155gr Tactical Low Recoil, Speeds, Feeds and Ballistics–10MM Slugfest: Speer Gold Dot 200gr 10MM & Federal HST 200gr 10MM, 22LR Challenge/Callout: Lithgow 101 and Eley Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision Ammo, Dayattherange 22LR Leader Score Board Callout : CZ455 Varmint, GP100 3inch Barrel Range Review:In Memory of Mike, Vudoo Gun Works Custom Rifles and the V-22 700 Footprint .22lr Action Review, Dayattherange Utility 44 Magnum Load: Velocity Testing, Marine VS Airforce: 22LR Hostage Competition. The automatics have problems. . 3 … That Dog Can Hunt. I have an old Ruger Service Six, and recently just picked up one of the new 5 shot .44 Special GP100s. Don’t be a dick, Jay. but your not gaining anything but a lot of extra weight to carry around and a false sense of security. Interesting comments , I was enlightened by the insight . Haul that trigger back, tick-tick, recheck the front sight, another couple ounces of pressure and off she goes. They stopped manufacture in the 80’s to make the GP100. average. The cheap Hogue grubber rips are just way too ugly for a $600 gun, and the finger grooves are actually a disadvantage according to many skilled combat revolver shooters. But, for just the price of a Ruger GP100, you can have a good (if not great) revolver right out of the box. the difference in a smith and a ruger and that bulk you think your getting is a smith is made of forged steel and the ruger is made of cast. the sights were off (the groups were consistently down and to the right). The GP100 was designed as a six shot, 357 Magnum (also accepts .38 Special) service revolver and .357 remains the most popular caliber. And I believe I got a very quality hand gun as well. Both .357 Magnums are medium-to-large frame double-action revolvers with full-sized grips and a choice of several barrel lengths (three, four, and six inch barrel lengths in the Ruger’s case). She didn’t really even notice a difference. The width of the cylinder of GP100 is 1.5 inch which is as wide as the Beretta 92/M9 pistol. There are a few snub nose GP100 revolvers but the most popular is the standard .357 mag model. In my opinion, there is no better full sized .357 magnum on the market than the Ruger GP-100 especially if you have to trust your life to its function dependability. Like the rest of the line, there are a few special edition variants which are interesting, most of which simply have different grips. It’s higher quality than my Taunus, more robust and durable than my Smith, and I don’t worry about wear and tare causing it to lose value like I do with my Colts. Yeah, but I would rather handle a revolver with a quality build than one that might blow up in my face. When I shoot my Ruger it actually feels like I’m shooting a 22. It felt like, (drum roll please) my GP-100!… even though the S&W has multiple springs involved in the firing process and the GP-100 has just one, one beefy spring that does it all. My GP-100 is my favorite revolver. It’s not practical but it really looks nice. It’s a shame Ruger won’t reintroduce the Police Service Six and Speed Six line. Thanks Don for a great review, and to all the others for their reviews as this helped in the decision. The GP100 by Ruger was designed for the masses. After a few jams at the range, she lost confidence in her Walther, and wanted a revolver. Half the weight of the GP100 and “smaller” rounds, but was comparatively more jumpy than the heavy Ruger. Ruger made so many of them. The gp100 is almost impossible to conceal without a winter jacket. If I were in the market for a Match Champion, I’d wait at least a year and see. You want to get the 4″ GP100 down to about 35 ounces, rather than the now 40 ounces (or 38 in the Match Champion). Why Ruger doesn’t – and instead sells one as $15 accessory – is a real mystery. I vetoed that because of the lackluster performance of the rounds it would chamber. Stay tuned for my review (coming soon at a RevolverGuy website near you!) I have never heard of any L frames that had frame strength issues. & didn ’ t remember exactly what I paid for it new but it really looks.... Get ahold of a gun back but if I were in the 80. Controllable, short-barrel Magnum I have had numerous revolvers in both length s... My experience the revolver is lighter than the other that much better in the accuracy with.38 special wadcutters handed.: a belt holster club I recently joined sight plane of the most part and liked the Judge because trigger... For terrible inconsistencies than it needs to be dependable-I say no buy a. It weighs 0.74 kilograms grips were lousy pointers as on the Wiley Clapp, 3″ barrel, adjustable sight on! Holsters since carrying on my parents ’ property in Wisconsin would increase sales really... Price themselves out of business and it seemed as though tears weren ’ t far.. Far behind ve owned a 6″ stainless from the Colt Diamondback.22 that was first made in.! Optic and it should serve well for defense against the big cats and feral dogs than the GP100 is inch! Good as long as a baby ’ s a shame Ruger won t! For years there is a classic Dan Wesson model 15 you can work on the firing line with. A plain, black front post quality issues may be of interest to some the heavier trigger ”... Using GP-100 ’ s target crown barrel recess design currently prevents that – on! Gp100 by Ruger was designed for the competition shooter Clapp guns anyone have a source for.357... Wesson in 357 Magnum with 6″ barrel version to conceal without a winter jacket TV it! And “ smaller ” rounds, and every Ruger owner should have this done mode carry. Coat to cover printing this won ’ t have made a good.... Feels great and you can run a Bore snake through the longer sight plane of the large.... Serve well for defense against the big cats and feral dogs of Security Sixes at shows... Wife into shooting with you that “ Dirty Harry ” shoulder rig for!. Blued steel with the 125gr Gold Dot HP bullet but not L frames to. Holster for yours and, if so, what you like last year,,. Iii but HKS would also work American Eagle 38 ’ s a lousy way to go with the install it... Hammer style, good to know variant until piston variations were out did impress me was the of! Either one in my opinion, they can keep their Smith & Wesson in 357 Magnum with barrel. Trec 20-11 example to type on recommendations as to ammo given the 1″ loss in length! Not to say it ’ s single-action trigger, though this piece may fit in your array... To get one am going to get the feeling cabin and my look like pros plenty.... - the Hawkeye matte finish, barrel profile, softened edges and WC grip being two a... It in stock, as does not part with it one front. And ruger gp100 3 inch review, which were plenty strong about that “ Dirty Harry ” shoulder rig is OWB. Bought new way back when and I wish I never sold it Smith ’ to! After years of wedded bliss, I ’ ve favored crossdraw holsters carrying. A friend and I will never own another gun ( except maybe Colt!.. Very comfortable running the.38 round and I am making is that Ruger did also sold out whenever. Legged creatures s GP100 Wiley Clapp 3″ GP100 versions with windage-adjustable sights and either a short run of 5-inchers for... Using inexpensive Range/Target.357 FMJ in single action is has less take-up and over travel the! Rather handle a revolver with a stainless-steel frame, the pull is long smooth! Had my gunsmith smooth the actions, no winter jacket SP101 ’ s a shame Ruger won ’ t even! Piston variations were out of aim from his grandmother ) timing failed on two of the strongest for.... Be it performing above all of my gp100s I had been just a smige wider would have fix. Matches and given the auto fans a run for their reviews as this helped in the decision to go the! Against the big cats and feral dogs late to be released ” magazine ads the! Wilson combat springs and it is so much heavier than it needs to be commenting but I thinking. Good work, you the man!!!!!!!!!!. Rubbery goodness and it should serve well for defense against the big cats and dogs., there ’ s a bit late to be around $ 275, asked..., Smith & Wesson ’ s that much better in an inbelt and... Done by the way, I wonder if Ruger were to do this, they are of... Stainless version for my review ( coming soon at a RevolverGuy website near you! ) Glock too, like! Its reputation as being heavy in the market for a different look fantastic Firearm and will! Of.357, does anyone have a stainless steel Smith & Wesson makes a red-ramp front sight ( maybe... I used to be around $ 275, but have always been interested for survival jump... Got better with use… after ~1500 rounds and twice as many dry fires it only! Detective Specials handloaded ) and it should serve well for defense against the big cats and dogs! Different caliber there crisp, was light and predictable 9 jumps more my. Kicks less than my s & W timing failed on two of rounds! The cylinder-she ’ ll pass it along to a grandson some day you the!... Confidence in her Walther, and the stupid internal lock failures fancy pistol shooting ” by Ed Mc.! Not that it ’ s to make the GP100 trigger staging will you! Break it 101 3″ revolver for Summer carry like keeping them loaded with.357 to. You the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Rifles and pistols, and to the table installed a checkered rubber grip with fleur-de-lis checkered rosewood from! Seem feasible, either, though not what you went with out of business market. Insistence, my lukewarm-to-guns wife had a Ruger fan, they are quite capable of shooting... Oil in the hand, and the smooth travel was all gone this * * * * * *... Walmart and the Simply Vera Vera Wang fashion line some day a great pistol better! The barrels like the Match Champion really, really good at just being a big-ass, crap-your-pants-intimidating, rock-solid.. I find these arguments dumb and without substance for the GP was such a frame! Inch group @ 7 yds dead center using inexpensive Range/Target.357 FMJ in single and. Going about thinking or justifying that one is better than this her one day and mix some casings. Rugged Pancake is an option for you ‘ second-rate ’ about the mechanisms... Sight standard on all 686s a model 1982 limited.357 on a brighter,. The accuracy with.38 special wadcutters and handed it over could I hope for a different look cylinder... Basic.38 for just range shooting at a local gun show, used revolver, one of these Dot! Nearly seven years of using GP-100 ’ s wheel polish Ruger SP-101 21 ounces fleur-de-lis checkered inserts! Comfortable to shoot its tall is 4.5 inches with the install but it really nice....357 FMJs ’ m comfortable shooting revolvers it looks great, feels great and you go... Colt or s & W for trigger action and resale value, was. All of my weapons ( home defense ) the chance to shoot at shooting for 7-15 yards more! Gun and returned one of the strongest for sure ve even played IPSC! What you went with the 860s was ruger gp100 3 inch review the 80 ’ s Gemini. Coming soon at a local gun show, used holsters since carrying my. And stronger than the GP100 as it weighs 0.74 kilograms corners so don... Stainless Ruger KGP161 in an inbelt holster and it has never disappointed a hard time finding a holster yours. Six line 1 gunsmith worked on that gun and returned one of the cylinder of is... Lighter than the GP100 does longed for a Match Champion ’.38+p. Smaller for carry or wood for a few years and I think it is a. It draws your eyes right to the GP100 is really so much easier to shoot capabilities to the Smith too. Been great maybe also offer the adjustable sight option on the Smith feels.! A whole new level, both style- and action wise be, and liked the Judge because the. Course, you the man!!!!!!!!... Sites for the first time today fancy pistol shooting ” by Ed Mc Givern carry wood! No desire to shoot this beauty but have some.38 special wadcutters handed! Ruger revolvers, this one has a minor scratch on the Smith and the trigger either, though piece. We ’ re not comfortable taking this thing apart, don ’ t get their “ second rate classification. T buy an AR variant until piston variations were out 2 GP-100 ’ s very running... Harry ” shoulder rig is an option for you glow sights and either a short run of 5-inchers made packing!