We need more context and explanations. Galactus one-shotted a mad Celestial they had to combine Galactus murders the little God. Too complicated and too inconsistent. Don't use Quora's statement. Woow, implication without simple context lool. Rune king thor, like Hercules god of gods in the chaos arch, is not "just another thor version". RKT pretty much defeated most of his opponents by simply erasing them from existence. Also he could have some destiny/luck/unluck manipulation resistance. Shit try, Again. But it’s quite different in the comics. Mangog can usually overpower regular Thor, but Rune King Thor easily stopped a charging Mangog with one hand. Rune King Thor Rkt stomps. RKT still needed prep time, aprropriate location and special tools to do it. Today, we've got two of the most powerful and mightiest heroes in all of comics going head to head! Yes, now we’ve also seen that happen in the MCU. A continuación, te mostraré algunas hazañas de Thanos: Con un simple arrebato de ira, fue capaz de destruir parte del universo e … In the movie, no one could stand against him excepting Thor with Stormbreaker even when Thanos had the infinity gauntlet.Thor took full power of a neutron start while building Stormbreaker. Rune King ThorGalanThe scan previous to this says Odin could 'possibly' defeat a fully fed GalactusIn Betweener vs King Thor Rune King Thor comes with Marvel Rune King Thor is an all powerful version of Thor who is able to tap into the power of the Odinforce, an infinite source of energy. Rune King Thor vs Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) # Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) Actually his equal is … What context is there here that detracts RKT or the TWSAIS ? son las máximas transformaciones de thor y de hulk me encantaría saber que creen uds con argumentos porque ganaría hulk o thor pero creo que ganaría hulk por su fuerza ilimitada y su factor de curación =D =D no estoy seguro si es la máxima transformación de thor pero creo que es esa Video belongs to Marvel comics eScape armors are powerful 1994 's Iron Man up. Somehow in unknown timing and without knowledge ( with prep or not ) created Ragnarock cycle. Thanos with hotu and Thanos with astral regulator are not even base line outerversal . Re: Thor Rune King - Em Que Nível Ele Está e Quem Pode Derrota-lo? but yeah. Rune King Thor is still under beings such as The Living Tribunal infinitely. Mo. This is like saying Batman is above Superman because he has stomped him. i think rkt is the strongest thor in marvel. Deleting people isn't something a normal thor would do. Subscribe my channel.please. God Castiel, Lucifer, Michael vs Rune King Thor, Thanos, Darkseid and SP1M Discussion in ' Outskirts Battledome ' started by lir40 , Feb 5, 2015 . Her Martial Art let her take on Thanos. Mcu built up Thanos for the Godkiller armor MK II based on armor by... And film baby 451 had genetically engineered to Breathe - in Hulk vs. Iron Man Vs rune king thor that. @byondeon: can't say since I'm not a fan of both. Super Prime == Rune King > Dark Seid > Thanos. An amped Galactus was basically defeated by King Loki. Beating featless beings "who sits above gods feeding their lives energy" what does it mean at all ? Darkseid solos even via Avatar, Thnos obliterates him solo easily. Relying on Quora is same as relying on random context lacking reddit respect threads or videos like DanCo. A Galactus who had feasted on one hundred planets just before struggled with Old King Thor until he got gassed and even then he couldn’t decisively beat him, since he got away without being killed, KOed or even seriously damaged. So you'll disregard feats just because they don't fit your headcanon. Superhero battle match: Rune King Thor versus Thanos & Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet). I just hate using cosmic characters in debates. Who will win in a fight between Rune King Thor and Thanos & Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet)? quanchi112. I feel like RKT vs. IG Thanos would be the e stalemate of all stalemates. Oh right, the Maker was severely weakened in human form. rune king thor vs wonder woman. Mxyzptlk 11 mo 20 d . Cosmic thor could only do that after Galactus gave him power. Thanos on screen. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Thor Odinson is the Asgardian God of Thunder and the son of Odin, the All-Father of Asgard, and Gaea, the Elder Earth-Goddess. Ok and what ? You're ripping scans from Respect Threads and have no idea what they're about, good job man. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Take a second to look at our Beginner's Guide.It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. @comic_book_fan: Galactus is below the phoenix force canonically, and the phoenix king had the odingforce+ her own power, inherently superior to that of his father+ the phoenix force, who is more powerful than galactus power. Rune King Thor cant beat a fully fed Galactus or best a Fully powered Celestials. Just cast spell to throw up larvas. Thanos was born on Saturn's moon Titan as the son of Eternals A'lars and Sui-San; his brother is Eros of Titan. Rune King Thor came to be after Thor desperately sought a way to defeat Loki, who had taken over Asgard after destroying Mjolnir and defeating or killing a lot of Thor’s allies. I don't recall RKT doing anything impressive. It's at best universal. I could see her being stronger than pre-reincarnation Supes. The TWSAIS ! Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. who what are you talking about thor has never beat a fed galactus or any galactus for that matter, @comic_book_fan: bro in rkt's vs battle wiki in the second paragraph at the last it said has killed a well fed galactus, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics)#Rune_King_Thor. You a RKT haters be or something?? Also how do u know that "nothingness" which was in Loki's comic is same void as which Lifebringer and Enternity Watch couldn't resist ? He also masted Rune Magic, which granted him omnipresence and omniscience. We have got a chance to see one of the strongest villain of MCU i.e. * ba dum tsss * Jokes aside, its true Man NAILED the Villain Build-Up Stinger of became. VS… Rune King Thor Let’s start with Rune King Thor. Void Sentry. Rune King Thor vs Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) # Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) RKT has an equal, his equal is … Is this directly confirmed it is the same ? P.S. rune king thor destroys thanos. Its so ludicrously powerful is almost like an entirely different character. OF alone put Thor equal non seed amp anyway. You have no idea . Superhero battle match: Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) & Thanos (Astral Regulator) versus Rune King Thor. ... Thanos knew of the Maker's potential Rune King Thor vs Thanos # Rune King Thor He does though. And another heavily amped one beat an m-body of LT who was probably nowhere near as strong as the genuine article. Rune King Thor vs Darkseid Thread starter ExordiumInfinite; Start date Jan 15, 2018; Status Not open for further replies. @mama7: RKT was OP and Beyond universal so what are you talking about? Close. Mxyzptlk 11 mo 20 d . Rune king Thor vs. Let me put it to you This way. @comic_book_fan: Galactus is below the phoenix force canonically, and the phoenix king had the odingforce+ her own power, inherently superior to that of his father+ the phoenix force, who is more powerful than galactus power. Gogeta Blue (Unlimited Time) vs Thor (Rune King) Battle. lol. What proof anyone was weakened or lucky, is there any extenuating circumstances why Galactus couldn't survive the void or was he just not strong enough ? This video is unavailable. So most of us have already watched the Marvel’s Avengers: Inifinity War (2018) movie. 9 Nighty. Thread Status: Rune King Thor Versus Old King Thor & Odin [Read OP Superman Prime And Void Sentry Vs King Thor And World Superman Prime One Million VS Thor 925 Silver Northern Viking Jewelry® "Rune Thor's Hammer Ring" Thanos Vs. Darkseid: Battle Of The Tears Triskele And Rune Beard Ring (BR013) Rune Thor is hard to rank, is he better than an Elder God? Rune King Thor vs. Hal Jordan, God of Light Comics and Graphic Novels Topic Archived; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, ... Now back to the topic it's the Void vs. Thor not Thanos vs. Odin or Thanos vs. the Void. @mama7: You wanna fight a great white shark of a Pacific Octopus ? Rejoin the battle once more and battle Darkseid. A Character strong enough to Challenge Rune King Thor! Also i don't recall him being "omnipresent"/one with universe in the end. He's had that ability for ages commonly known from his Annual and his own Marvel bio. DR Doom is a tyrant starving his people to death in thor books and in the current x-books in ff he is willing to die for his people and latvaria is a paradise with a dark underbelly, that version of thor was far stronger than the others there has never been a more powerful thor than he cosmic thor. Rune King Thor vs Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) # Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) RKT has an equal, his equal is a floor board. Stop with Loki's speculations. Thanos IG- Didn't Thanos with IG take a hit from Rune King Thor, and it did next to nothing? My first Patron on Patreon ! He has Godlike Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Durability. Finally! SUPER BATTLE 40,817 views. Galactus couldn't hope to just delete mangog like rune king thor did. As i said i don't debate cosmic and magic characters scalings or we have enough feats and screen time. show 2 replies . Like In betweener should oneshot Dr Strange, but obviosuly some complicated weakness for In betweener and Doctor just.. u know used that as advantage bfring him. This is the story of Ragnarok. RKT stomps unless darkseid comes in his true for (the multiversal god thingy), but maybe being nigh-Omniscent Thor knows that Supes defeated Darkseid by screaming and replicates that, but maybe being nigh-Omniscent Thor knows that Supes defeated Darkseid by screaming and replicates that. Superhero battle match: Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) & Thanos (Astral Regulator) versus Rune King Thor. :) As such his video was moved to the front of the line! Also of literally deleting (not to mention) people on the level of mangog, whose physical stats are absolutely nuts. Counter Guardian Emiya vs Rune King Thor Thread starter addikhabbo; Start date Feb 4, 2015; Who wins? Rune King Thor Vs Thanos With Heart Of The Universe Death Battle [ Explained In Hindi ] - Duration: 8:34. So Rune King Thor should take this. During the War of the Realms, Thor sacrificed his eye to obtain the knowledge to defeat Malekith the Accursed, and was made All-Father of Asgard - the tale being recorded in a saga.At some point, Thor inherited the Power of the All-Father from … Anyways, i think there's little more to say. Rune King Thor - Supposedly as powerful as Superman Prime 1 million. Rune King Thor has was first appeared in Avengers Disassembled: The Mighty Thor #80–85. Dark_Wing 1 y 2 mo 6 d . Base on that logic alone, his most powerful reiteration is Rune King. Going back to the moment they need to, Thanos and Thor, now with the power of The Runes. Odin-Force Thor was already able to freeze time and **could erase beings at will. 8:34. Heck Lifebringer Galactus wasn’t powerful enough to exist in the multiversal void for more than a few minutes, guess who LIVES in the multiversal void ? Rune King Thor vs Thanos # Thanos No thanos wins. King thor was capable of massive matter manipulation, so I don't see why it would be outside of his power-set to take it up to the degree that CW Herc did if he had an amp in power (rune amp). Galactus would "just" stomp him. Rune King Thor vs. HotU Thanos So Thanos has merged with the Heart of the Universe again and instead of charging in like he usually does, Thor decides to undergo the process of mastering the Runes and Odin gives Thor his Odinforce again (I know that doesn't make sense, but whatever). The fact they leave above feeding of their energy doesn't prove sh*t. They were acting like parasitic organisms. I guess his most oppressive feat is taking his power from him. Why can't we get direct explanations and more feats than simple assumptions with ABCD power scaling ? A considerably weaker version of Thor already Crubstomped Galactus easily. I mean generally can we get more feats ? Rune King ThorVSOld King ThorRules- Random Encounter- Location : Indestructible Planet- Win by K.O or DeathRounds1- Rune King Thor vs Old King Thor2- thedude1948. @comic_book_fan: Rune king thor was considerably stronger than cosmic thor. Comic Super 13,872 views. The closest we can get is a well fed galactus, and galactus himself confirmed to be stronger than ever after gorging on a bunch of planets when he fought cosmic king thor, with terrible results. I would argue above Celestials as well. major spite. Thor, after he is reborn into Rune King Thor. galactus at normal levels wins this with ease at a hundred percent he is basically eternity and thor is a bug to him. Jan 15, 2018 Superman Prime One Million is taking on Rune King Thor! Still, rune king thor was EXTREMELY powerful, even if we consider him "just equal" to cosmic king thor, thats already a lot. By adolescence, Thanos had become fascinated wit… Odin não tem um pentelhesimo de chance contra o Galactus! Who will win in a fight between Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) & Thanos (Astral Regulator) and Rune King Thor? It happens as follows: As Odin is already dead by now. OKT with a wanning Odin force Gave a Galactus' the fight of his life. ExordiumInfinite Active Member. Who will win in a fight between Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) & Thanos (Astral Regulator) and Rune King Thor? - Duration: 4:03. I have re-uploaded my video after finding out how to properly use my Adobe editor lol. this seems like spite unless we are talking about True Darkseid or HOTU/IG Thanos, Odin managed to wreck Thanos in the past and RKT is leagues upon leagues above him. Their feats are surviving in the void, 3 of their species defeating LT, etc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Feb 5, 2015 #142 ksho said: Masterson Thor, the one who lifted the hammer and merged with Thor. For instance Avengers always face cosmic threats while cosmic threats can oneshot them any time but there are always complications in some cosmologies, limitations making cosmic chaaracters losing to them in shitty dumb ways. 6:09. He even removed it from himself and took it back at one point. Why did Lord Shiva fight with Lord Krishna? Rune King Thor vs Thanos # Thanos Current Base Thanos > Eternity > Thor. I'll give you RKT because he was written to encapsulate omnipotence but no way base Thanos can hold his own for too … By needing prep time, special devices and specific location. Voting feed. Thor Odinson is a character from Marvel Comics. 100% galactus or "full fed galactus" does not exist. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Prep time, tools and locations aren't enough. Also being able to survive in that void compared to other doesn't prove to be more powerful or we have direct statement/explanation that TWSAIS are just more powerful that why they can resist in that void. ALso cute thor wrecked them. After being saved by Sif and Beta Ray Bill, Thor finally decides to seek the wisdom of Odin, his father. So…. Jesus Christ you against with your RKT cult/church ? Thor Gains the Full Power of The Runes and Becomes Rune King Thor. Rune King Thor @Tyrannus, I literally just told you he beat Eternity and Infinity Universal M-Bodies, being in a pocket Universe/dimension. EmptyHand 11 mo 20 d . R1+3: RKT is basically Odin-Force Thor plus the power amplification of the runes and drinking from the Well of Mimir. lordboo. KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > Beyonder Vs Rune King Thor. Beyonder Vs Rune King Thor. @manofthunderbolts65: Even True Darkseid would get whooped by RKT. And bringing up an outlier doesn't mean all feats are invalid. Originally posted by The Great Galen Whats so funny, Thanos is powerful but hes no Odin. might look like one dude he has killed a well fed galctus bro what u gotta say about that? On Movies: At the Theater, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Captain Marvel stronger than Thor?" Would argue FAR lower.. Maybe you're joking because of the name, but I'd be very interested in hearing how Thanos beats someone who is many times more powerful than Odin. Galactus could always potentially absorb another planet. @indominus: Rune King Thor would be above Galactus level. @destinyman75: "Any kind of energy" cringworthy NLF. So an even stronger thor version should fare AT LEAST as well. He can drain ANY form of energy that has ever exsited. Rune King Thor vs Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) # Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) Rune kine thor has no equal. I will use that "lowballing", because this is same kind of logic that fishes, shrimps or octopuses are more powerful than human, because they can survive in water for years while humans cannot. Thanks and have fun. Who knows? Watch Queue Queue They are just low superflow level. SPACE PUNISHER HULK - 0:23RUNE KING THOR - 2:47FIGHT BREAKDOWN - 5:30Today in the Battle Arena, well we’ve got Hulk going up against Thor! Gogeta Blue (Unlimited Time) vs Thor (Rune King) Battle. Fully fed G’s best feats are getting stalemated by a slightly amped Inbetweener (Odinforce Thor one-shotted an inbetweener who was at 50% power), getting beaten up by Abraxas, Mikaboshi, Phoenix Force, Necro Thor, IG Thanos, Beyonders, PR Beyonder, Cyttorak and the dark celestials, struggling with Mephisto, not wanting any smoke with the Vishanti and being made into Franklin Richard’s bitch. Actually, you declaring that you stomped me in debates in multiple random threads is trolling. He has auto-shields that block attacks. During his school years, Thanos was a pacifist and would only play with his brother Eros and pets. very little thanos is more powerful than mangog and he attacked a very weakned galactus and started begging for his life the 2nd galactus got up a well fed galactus was so powerful thanos admitted he couldn't even beat him with 2 power gems, he might i don't know of him doing that kind of thing without the ultimate nullifier but galactus could devolve him until he was the smallest form of life or trap him in time or solid matter rip his soul out turn him to energy and absorb him there is really nothing magog, @comic_book_fan: we are not talking dr doom we are talking about galactus and rkt dude, we are also not talking about pheonix force, @alpha_beast: i was making a point that galactus only lost to thor cosmic thor who was more powerful than rune king and he only lost to him through pis galactus is the power cosmic you really think thor is going to have better control over it than galactus thats just stupid writing to make thor look good and the ff comics completely ignore this so it's a stupid feat where thor beat a version of galactus that had a different origin and the main book galactus appears in ignors it as canon so it is canon for thor but in my book it can be thrown out, and we are also not talking about cosmic thor so we can throw the fight out in general, @comic_book_fan: yes move on to the fight.