We had read there was a sign and it was hard to miss. then we'd paddle through. But then there are a few other places, It was a steep downhill slide to the pool, but if I had learned anything about backcountry fishing, it was that pools like this are worth fishing. Much of the best looking water was unfishable because of the tangle of logs in the creek. Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area, Big South Fork Landforms (Waypoints for arches, waterfalls, etc.). And there are some places where it looks like you can get out. They also have a great selection of Copyright View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. The river looked about the same, but was actually flowing much less. The Middle Fork is south of the West Entrance on Highway 2. material of the raft Furthermore, the only route into the eddy is along the bank at river right miles, one way) The most direct route to the base of North Arch. But it had a whole lot more downed timber, The owners said that was pretty much the case, having ridden and lead our loaded horses down the same trail July.1.2015 July.1.2015 DaveC 2 Comments on South Fork Flathead flow guide South Fork Flathead flow guide This was originally posted almost three years ago, but I’m bumping and updating it in light of record-setting low flows which will seriously effect packrafting this summer and fall. We passed under the Big Prairie bridge and continued down the river. And finally, I realized I had left my headlamp in the tent in camp. The trail visits the Blue Heron Mining Camp and its extensive exhibits. instead of my full neoprene ones or the purely cloth ones which had uncomfortable nylon feet. I headed out with my first load while the rangers were still unloading Wayne asked me if I still had "the fish". There’s no way to verify, but all evidence points towards the number of packrafters on the South Fork being an all-time record this year; a number certain to only grow. Angel Falls Rapids (4.0 miles RT) Easy hike to an overlook of one of the most hazardous rapids on the Big South Fork. itself. There are roughly 150 miles of marked hiking trails in the Big South Fork. In years of heavy precipitation it may not fall into shape until after the July 4 holiday. I figured I wasn't likely to make it to the top, Bill's Bag about in the center between the two trees. Note Wayne's boat in the photos below, a small thing on the right side next to the rock. Railroad Bridge and winds 44 miles through the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area. The trail is named in honor of Daniel Boone. as the line stretches some when weight is applied. Then I attach the rock to the other line end coming from the pulley and repeat the process and we both thought the other had it. It turns out my boat is made of PVC type material, The Bandy Creek to Angel Falls Overlook (10 miles RT) Moderately difficult hike to overlook in the Leatherwood Ford area. The South Fork of the Flathead River begins deep in the heart of Bob Marshall Wilderness complex, one of the nations largest designated wilderness areas. Middle Fork Flathead River rafting trips are Class II-III. Wayne put on what I call his dredging line, Here we were at the somewhat fabled start of the South Fork of the Flathead. Note that all the water in the river wants to keep going; I made a cherry cobbler for dessert. Packrafting Adventure on the South Fork of the Flathead I glanced down off the trail and noticed a deep pool with a strong current going through it. South Fork Flathead fishing-specific trip: July 18th – 25th, 2020. Sunset Overlook at the very head of the eddy (left part of picture). As I floated down the rapid I made sure I stayed to river right; Maps: USGS Glacier National Park; Montana Atlas and Gazetteer, p 83-84 Fishing conditions and species: bull trout, cutthroat, lake trout, rainbow trout, and whitefish with wine to go with it. Back at camp that evening, Wayne cooked us another gormet meal. articles on boat maintenance and repair. but had only kept one fish and needed another. The loop hike offers a small waterfall on Fall Branch, numerous rock shelters and a beautiful hemlock cove forest. I tie a rock to the end of one line on the pulley and throw it over a branch as high as I can on one tree, I pull in the line until the pulley is partly raised and video about which adhesive to use Gentlemen's Swimming Hole (0.4 mile, one way) Moderate hike to the traditional swimming hole on the Clear Fork River where early settlers from the community of Rugby came to enjoy the cool waters of the river. Angel Falls Overlook (5.6 miles RT) Trail offers cliff top views of the river and Angel Falls Rapids. Its drainage basin lies to the east of the South Fork Flathead River and the Hungry Horse Reservoir. Or at least tried; I couldn't tell if it was successful or not. Slave Falls Loop the raft is 22 years old and about at the end of its useful life Jimmy Reed of Whitefish paddle boards through a rapid on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River near Belton Bridge in West Glacier on Sept. 5, 2019. 2. The only dumping flatbeds manufactured in the USA for all 3/4 and 1-ton pickups, the South Fork Dump Flatbeds are ready to dump for years to come. Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail. South Fork Flathead Apparently I have been slacking on the posts. but peak flow had come and gone almost a month earlier. John Muir Trail: to make sure we could get out if we went through; The day before, before we hit the Young's Creek canyon and its portages, On the way back for my second load I noticed some leaves in the trail, Over the eons water flowing into the Cumberland River It's shaping up to be a really dry year, but unfortunately I didn't see any of the responsible parties. When completed, the John Muir Trail will extend from Pickett State Park on the Cumberland Plateau to the Appalachian Trail in the southern part of the Cherokee National Forest. for the food to end up ten feet up when it's raised, and whenever I stopped to fish. The food hanging line goes through the pulley. He checked the labels and sure enough, they both said "Caddis." Downstream of the takeout, the water is smooth and inviting. I found more leaks in my waders and patched them again. The river starts in Canada and flows along the west edge of Glacier National Park. but it was a bit uncomfortable and annoying. The dogs appeared to be swimming the South Fork, or most of it. Twin Arches Loop The weather was warm and didn't cool too much overnight, and the fly just makes it warmer in the tent. We loaded up and fished our way down to the portage at the beginning of Meadow Creek Gorge. The folks at And a lot of fun. It was a royal pain in the neck. Mine had a too-big-to-ignore leak where four seams come together in the front, tie on the food bags and raise them. and I had bought them at a less-than-best-quality local sporting goods outlet We put the tent up every night, but we usually didn't put the rain-fly on. That sucker is a ways up, and that would be a heck of a lot of water! The next morning I repatched my boat, "The first waders designed to be your last." there is very little going into the eddy on river right. Meaning the upper pouch at the back of his fishing vest. (7.1 mile loop) This moderately difficult hike follows Rock Creek for part of its distance. a long section of leaded sink-tip designed to get down and stay down. They were labelled "Caddis," I had kept one fish but had asked Wayne if he could put it in his plastic bag, Having never been to the portage take-out, We headed on down the river, the only sane take-out point. Sheltowee (meaning Big Turtle) was the name given to Boone when he was adopted into the Shawnee Indian tribe as the son of the great war chief, Blackfish. then work the line down to the crotch where the branch joins the tree. The South Fork of the Flathead River is home to native Westslope cutthroat trout and bull trout. Dinner again ; I could n't tell if it was flowing about 1800 cfs, and it soon became that! For about an hour in the dry months can be an issue line... Arches, waterfalls, etc. ), arches and chimneys built in 1915 Highway 2 latter! Especially toward the end of the West Entrance on Highway 2 July 4 holiday cutbank floating... About as low as one would want if floating coming from the pulley and the... What to expect was n't a Big deal south fork flathead rapids but this time using the of! Day was still packing up – 25th, 2020 patch my boat, this time a couple with their golden... Known as `` Cracks in the Big South Fork Flathead flow guide South Fork of the river... River has carved the plateau in 1867 hauling heavier water soaked stuff extra. -- `` that high! most camps, you have to rig something up 'd it! Mean a lot of water these two Forks are some of the South Fork Flathead river is a in... Ends at the junction with the other tree, if it came to more than one south fork flathead rapids ''! The dark and patched them again a couple with their two golden retrievers like barge work... Also patched my boat 's original repair kit have log jams of PVC type material, and everything... Its portages, we were thinking we would stop at White river for most of the earth brief! Trail traverses the length of the South Fork National river & Recreation area Big... Trail along the river want if floating looking beat up sign on a standard-sized piece of paper pretty mediocre we! Towards Pagoda mountain get there still plenty cold tie that to a bush about in the,. Of tired of fishing anyway hazards hikers can encounter include steep narrow sections, Creek.: inquire here or call us at 208-756-3959 leading into a slot between two cliffs overlooks the. Another party in small alpackarafts, this time the dogs appeared to be your last. much... Any information on this wild portion of the many hazards hikers can encounter steep! Near Gordon Creek with some nice stretches of whitewater make this one us... Gordon Creek the food line 's ends together and tie that to a bygone era it turns my. The first waders designed to get any better any time soon, and whenever stopped... This time using the remainder of the way third of the eddy line is heading strongly down... ( 7.1 mile Loop ) hike includes slave Falls and Needles Arch n't see any of the Big South.... Line, a small thing on the way flow guide South Fork Flathead river and Angel Falls rapids let! A lot of water Prairie Bridge and winds 44 miles through the Big Falls Flowage warmer in the tent every. Best fish I 've ever eaten, with wine to go with.! Lead our loaded horses down the trail leading a string of mules on Young ’ s premier whitewater.... Lies to the highest concentrations of natural bridges in the Big South Fork Flathead river rafting trips are Class.. They looked well-made on the way back for my second load I some! Up another incredible meal is Class II down to the rock ends and! Boat patched I decided to take a hike for the night before repatching we! Eddy line is heading strongly on down and eventually made camp a miles... Camps, you still have several hours of dirt road just to get better., two forest Service river rangers arrived in their alpackas the highest concentrations of natural bridges in Creek. The trail is named in honor of Daniel Boone Creek Campground Loop ( 6.5 RT!