Hello, I was google searching and discovered this meal plan you provided. How much weight can you lose with the 30-day shred? Isabella, I really like your meal plan and can’t wait to try it this week! Thanks for the answer, the thing is I cooked around 835 g of chicken for the week, and after cooking it weighed around 574 g remained, this is around 20 ounces. This is a daily meal plan sample, you can have 5-6 meals per day following the options and guidelines listed! Would eating too much Greek yogurt make me fat? after all it’s not only about weight, it’s about the quality of our lives and our overall happiness at the end To answer your questions: 1) Personally, I don’t like to keep my meat in the fridge for over 3 days but I do believe that it can last up to 5 days. I love that site , I have been on this meal plan for two weeks. maybe the problem in my body ? You can skip the eggs all together or you can also go for natural nut butter or yogurt if you prefer…. Yes but these are not 5-6 large meals. Hi there! First does it matter if you swap around meals like meal 4 with meal 2 as I am at uni so wold be easier to eat apples with peanut butter rather then a proper meal because of time constraints. I understand, the reason why for some meals I provide examples is for you to be able to make your own modifications depending on your preferences, it gives you some guidelines and more options. If I feel hungry, which I probably will, can I add more veggies such as a bowl of broccoli or cabbage? This is the most common statement i get from clients looking to improve there health and I cant stress this enough, you need fule to ignite your internal furnace that is your body’s metabolism. Hello! On top of that it will improve your mood, concentration and give you some extra energy & confidence! Thirdly, Post workout we should go for carb or protein diet??? The only reason I don’t suggest to stick to this diet or any diet for that matter, is because I don’t want people to feel like they cannot enjoy their favorite treats and foods on a regular basis. Hi Angela, It all depends on your specific goals and caloric needs. Just completed the seven days and it went really well! Hi Isabella! For the oatmeal, I usually use 1/2 dry oats with 1/2 cup of water and then slowly add in more liquid until I get the consistency I desire (you can’t go wrong this way)! also in the protein shake option is it ok to add fruit ? It would be half a medium sized yam. Is this OK? The overall formula consists of natural substances that don’t just work great on their own but complement each other for an added boost. 30-day Shred diet plan Instagram. If I want to keep it up after 7days, what do you suggest I add or do differently? So those portions are really tiny. Love yourself and enjoy the journey xoxo Isabella. The basic premise of it is to follow a diet high in protein, vegetables and moderate amounts of healthy fats for anywhere between 10 and 21 days. So my question here would be if there is a way to measure the veggies and other food groups (walnuts) by weighing them out(ounces) instead of measuring it in cups? Or a turkey veggie pizza on a piece of whole grain bread/pita as I can’t eat that much meat in one day .. And any other breakfast options please . I lost about 4lbs and felt great. For meals 2-6 you have what should include (4 oz of meat/1 c veggies). I am using sweet potato as my carb. I am now at about 14-16% bodyfat. Afternoon Snack: Unlimited carro… Thank you, I might make the modification on the meal plan too . Try it out and adjust according to your own needs and preferences. Hi! I can already FEEL and SEE results. Hey Caitlin, if you really feel like you got weight to lose, I would recommend simply eating clean (real foods) and adding some high intensity training to your routine to lean out further more while maintaining a toned look . Test it out, see how you feel and adjust accordingly. Incline Dumbbell Fly (Perform 1 giant set comprised of 5 drop sets), Leg Curls (Perform 1 giant set comprised of 5 drop sets). You can have your first meal at home or on your way to work. As of right now I take a protein shake in the morning before workout and a pre-workout drink along with vitamins, after my workout I take another protein shake. Awesome Yes you sure can, just make sure you are consuming enough energy (aka calories)! Lateral Raises3.) I would recommend 2 things: stick with real food & do high intensity interval training for fat loss… AND don’t forget to make it fun too, try dancing, hiking, new recipes, etc. It all depends on when you wake up and go to sleep. Thanks! Dumbbell Bicep Curls3.) Bodyweight Bench Dips2.) Really looking forward to starting this diet plan although I’ve got couple of questions to be answered. Very excited for it! And yes, you may substitute for the protein of your choice. Copyright © 2020 Tiger Fitness. I plan to do this for 3-4 weeks. Bodyweight Step-Ups2.) Hi Nada! Hi again. A couple questions. Bodyweight Jump Lunges2.) thanks. I don’t see why not Lex! Thanks for posting this! You may add more whole rice, sweet potatoes and oats/quinoa into you diet instead! I try my best to keep a whole foods diet as my lifestyle. Bodyweight Calf Raises, 1.) I’ve actually gotten really used to eating like this. Abby congrats girl! You can still eat carbs, protein, and fat, but you want to get them from healthy sources. Hi Dallas, apple with peanut butter is fine, just don’t overdo it . Thank you dear, that’s so sweet Enjoy the meal plan and let us know how it all goes! It was a good idea to have a higher carb day! Bodyweight Jump Squats. Will be starting it this weekend. Seeking a wee bit of clarification: Meal 3 — serving size for the tuna; a 3oz can or a 5oz can? Sometimes I like to keep it simple with salt and pepper other times I’ll play with different herbs and spices, no specific rules here… you can try paprika, mediterranean…. Ooooh! Aim for about 50% of calories per day from healthy carbs. That might be a little less daunting- I loved the plan because I can’t really do big meals (but gotta have my variety!) 1.) Like the oatmeal can you add anything to it, or the veggies can you season them, or the fish how should I prepare it? Every now and then you can treat yourself with something “not so clean” or up your carb intake just to keep things balanced (for the mind). About 1400-1600 depending on how you prepare your lean protein (oil) and the choice of your veggies (ex. I’m not sure if you are still breastfeeding, in this case you will need to include some extra calories. I already train 6 days a week but need to sort my nutrition out . If so I will have to give it up Thanks, Hi Tasia, Are you still getting headaches? I hope it will help your readers to follow your plan. Hi are the weights specified (eg. Perhaps the oatmeal late at night isn’t the best choise but other than that you should be good to go! do you have any suggestions or concerns for me? Hi Cerra, I am definitely not an expert when it comes to breastfeeding. The directions to prepare meat are listen in the tips at the bottom of the post. What is the best substitute for asparagus? Hi! I’m so beyond excited. I’m so excited to start this meal plan after the new year. As I mentioned in the comment right below, I would also recommend grabbing a copy of “The Body Fuel System” if you would like to educate yourself more when it comes to healthy nutrition for weight loss, performance and genuine health! I assume 3oz uncooked? That’s great news girl!!! hey i was wondering about something, i just started this diet two days ago and i already feel great.. one thing that im worried about is the chick peas, quinoa and kidney peas quantity since i dont have a scale. Hi Tatiana. and of course, feel free to throw in a little treat every now and then, it’s a lifestyle & you don’t want to feel like you are not allowed to have a little something that is “not-so-healthy” from time to time. Keep us posted on your progress! I was given this meal plan from my personal trainer. Because half a cup raw turns into 1.5-2 when cooked! (the low-fat high protein kind– like Fage’s), Hi Jane. Yes you can Gina, just don’t over do it I Tbsp should be enough! Hi there I have an allergy towards eggs what could I replace the egg whites for meal one with? Here is the meal plan schedule for women: 8 am - 2 scrambled eggs (large) cooked in 2 pats of butter, with any veggies you prefer such as peppers, diced onion,... 11 am - Whey protein shake, … In many cases, there are additional ingredients in Greek yogurt that make it so creamy – these ingredients are not all natural and all that good for you to begin with. I am currently doing a high intense workout (orangetheory)4 days a week. Ami reading this correctly? Many thanks. Would you recommend an additional protein shake after (for a total of 7 meals) or is meal 5 ok for postworkout? Hi Stacy, it’s up to you really… you can cook the egg whites with the oatmeal or have them separate. I have a question, I am a bit confused. Hi, I have a question regarding the 4 ounces of protein in meals 2, 3 and 5, is this the weight before or after cooking for example chicken loses water after being grilled. Hi. Started today and im starving. My diet was written by a “trainer” friend of mine but lately i have been having problems going to the bathroom and am getting a bit worried. For a 1 cup serving (and I’m good with cutting back to 3/4, 1/2 – whatever) has 160 cal, 1g fat, 90mg sodium, 10g fiber, 9g sugar, 13g protein and 10g whole grains. Alcohol and soda are limited. also im on day 5 of this plan plus a pretty intense working out plan on a 4-5 day basis am i amble to stay on this plan for a good 4 weeks? What you think about following plan for 1 month? Hey Loris! You can contact me at myfitstation@live.ca for this purpose! Pan-fry and serve with salad. It looks great and I can’t wait to try it out and I love how it doesn’t deprive a person and make it like he or she is starving themselves???? If you want to have an idea of how many calories you need for weight loss, you can find out here: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm Again, this will give you a general idea but you may have to play with the numbers… Isabella . So, is it okay to switch the meals up during the day? Lad up on leafy greens & veggies when ever you feel hungry . hi Isabella, will start 7 days shed plan this coming Monday .Last time i lost 10 lbs , and felt awesome !!! I’ve done a high protein diet in the past and felt great. I have a few questions about this plan…how come the only fruit is banana? 4 oz too??? thanks for your help. I just wanted to let everyone know that besides the awesome results I have also noticed that my skin is glowing and people are commenting on it. Week 2: Challenge – During the second week, you’ll get serious about your commitment to the diet … I personally follow P 120 C 100 T 40 for 60kg, 170 cm. One metabolic difference between men and women is women burn a greater ratio of fat to carbs than men, which is the reason why women tend to do very well on a low carb diet. Are we allowed to use bread or a wrap or pita as a carb instead? Perhaps you can have sprouted Quinoa toasts with a whole egg? And for the protein is that raw or cooked weight? What times should the first and last meal be consumed? Hello, informative article Are the measurements for oatmeal raw or cooked, makes a difference in calories doesn’t it? I really thank you for life if u could give me some advice..dont know is it would help …that i cannot go the gym..so i have my own tools..exercise indoors bicycle, barbell up to 25 kls, coupke of dumbells, 5 kls kettlebell, swiss ball, abs roller, resistance bands tubes, ankle/wrist weights, skipping rope, houla hoop… it seems an awfull lot going to waste if i cannot achieve anything lol.thank yoj and congrats for the website. Protein: 60g. Go for it… ps. so that you can get then ready quickly. Thanks, Hey Sophia, Welcome to MFS. THANK YOU! Or does it not matter? (example: on Meal 5 it has 4 oz protein + 1-2 cups veggies, then lists 3 examples of what you could eat, on 4 & 6 it only lists the examples) I hope that made sense, i think it confused me!! I am trying to lean down to about 17% bf. For instance all meats, vegetables, fruit, and egg are great. Do you think these plans are still for me if I’m targeting more fat loss than anything? One of my favorites is quite simple actually, I cook broccoli with very little water (you want to see your broccoli sticking out of the water), 2 garlic cloves and seasoning, blend and serve, absolutely delicious (just make sure you use a small amount of water, you can always add water if your soup turns out too thick but you cannot remove it). Workout. Any suggestions to curb that? Glad to hear that you are benefiting from it . Lateral Raises (Perform 1 giant set comprised of 5 drop sets). During the 3 days of low carbohydrate intake, your protein will be at a moderate intake … You can continue following this clean meal plan making sure that you are getting sufficient calories. You can have another meal after your shake (1-3 hours later, depending on the ingredients in your shake, if it’s just water and protein powder, you might want to have another meal sooner than later). I am fairly certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Hi Valeria, you can have your shake and then maybe have a smaller meal/snack instead of a full meal or you can replace it with the last meal. I've had great results with LeanBean. How many egg whites exactly do u use for the oatmeal. but this seemed like a little too much food for me. I’m having a hard time because I’m so full even though it’s time to eat again. I was wondering what the protein/carb/fat macros are on this plan. Thanks. how much calories does this diet contains? Also, when you say 1 healthy carb, do you mean 1 cup or 1 serving size? Please provide me with an address which I can contact to ascertain details if required. thanks so much in advance for your response!!! Have a great week . If performing 1 exercise, aim for 50 reps in 5 sets. I’m embarking on my 2nd round of the 7 day shred and am just as excited as I was last time. salsa, option 2: Grilled tofu with 1/2 cup brown rice and 10-12 walnuts, option 3: kidney beans with 1/2 cup quinoa & 1/2 sliced avocado, 7 day shred meal plan apples and peanut butter, option 1: 1 scoop of protein powder + water or almond milk, option 2: 1 cup carrots or celery + 2 tbsp. I’m so sorry about my last post 0-: I thought the 6 meals listed were just the first sample plan of 7 days. Is this shredding diet safe to do weekly or just for 1 week? Can I add in healthy fats? I always recommend detox teas like turmeric and green tea as well. Hi there, I read through some of the questions and responses but not all, so i am not sure if you have answered this question before (sorry if you have): For meal 1, the oatmeal is not mixed with the 1/2 egg whites and topped with banana is it? can since it actually yields only 3 oz. Also usually eat 4+ meals a day I feel I have a hard time getting enough calories when eating healthy. Is it ok if I don’t eat all the options listed? Hi, I am really interested in trying out your programme but I am allergic to eggs and I don’t find oats fill me up at all (they seem to go straight through me and I’m hungry again within an hour of eating them) so I’m not sure what to have for breakfast. 50+ Exercise Videos ... We would like to extend a gesture of gratitude to the men and women … I don’t want to screw that up! For example, if you eat 1700 calories a day, you will prepare each meal accordingly! Hi, I want to start your 7 day shred, but I’m a little confused. In general, healthy eating ingredients are found around the outer edges of most grocery stores—fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry, whole grain breads and dairy products. You can definitely switch the order of your meals to suit your individual needs. im 298 lbs, looking to lose some weight, what adjustments do i need to make for my size? It’s hard to say Vanessa. Thanks for posting this detailed meal plan! To get shredded, you need to pay close attention to diet, exercise, and body composition. Shall I split it over 7 days or cook more. Bodyweight Jump Squats3.) It means that you swap it in right before beach season or before a big event. I dont want to sound silly but how many of these meals should we eat per day? Tips for a Former Fat Girl That Wants to Compete in Bikini and Figure, The Fat Loss Factor Book by Marc Lobliner, Cable Fly (Perform 1 giant set comprised of 5 drop sets), Use the rest-pause method; rest 30s between sets, Leg Extensions (Perform 1 giant set comprised of 5 drop sets), LISS Exercises - (Incline) Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Elliptical. Eating clean will definitely help you drop fat and loose cellulite! Would a diet like this provide me with enough protein for that? Hope this helps a bit . Do you suggest any good recipes for any of the meals? I plan on starting this up again but I recently developed an egg intolerance. High sugar and processed foods are what you want to avoid the most. You can use the online calorie calculator to get an idea! Spices are known to rev up your metabolism..so you can burn more calories without lifting a finger. I need more variety. Basically, it all comes down to eating healthy foods in moderation and slightly limiting your calorie intake. If so, what do you suggest? This is no sciency mumbo jumbo - this is what to eat and how to train. While it does take commitment, it’s so much easier to succeed over 7 days, than facing into an endless starvation diet. Awesome, so glad you are enjoying the journey and getting the results you are looking for Thanks for sharing your progress with us all! I am LOVING this! natural nut butter, example 1) 2 cups mixed greens + grilled chicken or turkey, example 2) lean beef burger + sautéed veggies (carrots, onions, peppers), example 3) chickpeas salad (with peppers, mushrooms, parsley, lemon juice, etc. The Shred Diet is based on six weeks of different components. Please help me! what would I eat right after? If you’ve been eating less protein previously, then feel free to lower your protein portions and fill up with more veggies! It’s fine to have a little bread, however, I would recommend you get your hands on sprouted whole grain bread and limit your portion size too. Is it a powder? Protein Up, Then Down. I followed this plan for 7 days and lost about 6 lbs as well as 3 inches off my waist. Also is it ok to add in an extra meal if i need another snack? Hi Michelle! I am starting this program today… Quick question… at the bottom of week 1 Upper it states Perform 3 to 5 rounds. Breakfast hurts my stomach. 2) for Meal 3 I was hoping to replace tuna with chicken and I was jst wondering whether it’d cause any sort of imbalance in the diet plan? lol. Have a look at my JERF (Just Eat Real Food) Meal Plan here for some extra ideas: http://bit.ly/JERFMealPlan, Hi Isabella, i would like to get stronger and get 3-4 killos in muscles mostly.Is that diet proper?Thank you very much, Hi Teo, it should be good as long as you are eating sufficient calories . I usually eat “clean” on a regular basis but there are times when I get off track and use this meal plan to get back on the wagon, cleanse and reenergize my body… this can result in 1-3 pounds of weight loss (in my experience). Can you put them in the freezer? Aim to get about 30% of your calories from these healthy fats. 1) Whether id lose weight even without having to workout? I thought maybe cutting it down to 2 oz, just not sure if I will have the same results. In many cases, initial weight loss is mostly due to higher water loss and the body cleaning out… not to say that you haven’t lost fat, but perhaps not 9 pounds. Could I drink a protein shake in its place on days that I work (only 2 days) for meal 2? Also, and this question is off topic, but should I count calories before or after working out? For example is it because its low carb, high protein? Hi Jenn, you can try the other breakfast options if you like or simply reduce the portion of your breakfast if you feel like it’s too much for you! Laurel. Hey Dennise! Maybe even a protein shake would work but I’m not sure I can have that twice a day on this. Thanks for sharing your progress, It’s always great to hear back from you guys! How many calories do you burn doing the 30-day shred? As in a substitute food option with the same amount of protein, as I can’t have egg whites? What if 4 seems more likely, how would you accomplish this? of tuna. PLZ help. Tina this is a meal plan sample giving you different options on what to eat and tools to calculate how much you eat depending on your goals. If its raw, can I make it only a quarter cup and add in a post-workout protein shake without having to skip one meal? I hate to ask this, but I am new to eating clean. 3. I do put fat free skim milk in – but only enough to wet it – I don’t drink the milk that’s leftover in the bowl. I haven’t lost any weight from the calorie differential. You just want to make sure that you are getting enough calories daily, especially if you’re training hard…you want to fuel that body adequately and have enough energy to recover and feel/look your very best! Several nutritionists, health gurus, and fitness experts develop several popular diets and weight loss plans. I should add that I am consistently active six days a week, so I have a solid exercise routine. Hi Mariana, You can switch up the order of the meals, so for example you can have apples or carrots with hummus or natural nut butter or a shake as you mentioned. Meghan, first thing: CONGRATS on your weight loss and new lifestyle! Thank you! I am very excited to do this shred. You must feel amazing. I am also 5’2″ and I weigh 130 pounds, but my body fat percentage is very low, so the pounds are essentially irrelevant. Would this work for a bikini competition prep diet? Which I pressume it was water maybe but is great anyway!!!! Would it be okay to have like a healthy oatmeal bar? look forward to hearing from you!!! WE BUILD DIET & TRAINING PROGRAMS ENGINEERED TO GET YOU RESULTS Learn more. Yes 1/2 cup should do it. all the 6 meals we have to eat throughout the day? I am SOOO glad I found this. You can add a bit of nuts, flax seeds or maybe some natural protein powder (hemp, vega protein, warrior protein). yay! Although we know how and what we “should” be eating, sometimes “life” (and our emotions) get in the way & sticking to a healthy and balanced diet can become a challenge. There are no silly questions James You should be eating about 5-6 mini meals a day, if that does not work for you, you can have 3-4 bigger meals (just make sure that you are eating the approriate amount of calories for your weight and fitness goals). More importantly, they also help you in detoxifying your system. So this is Day 1 of this meal plan! Dumbbell Bicep Curls2.) Its incredible how satisfying the menu and options are! If you do not eat grains, make sure you include lots of veggies into your diet (and fruit too). It includes a shredding meal plan, workout program and many other goodies Keep me posted on your progress. I need to lose these extra pounds(midsection) I gain asap. Hi Lockie, basically you can eat clean all the time but during your 7-day shred, you might be limiting your caloric intake. So you eat all of these meals (6 meals total) everyday? It’s hard for me to define that since I am not a doctor but in my opinion I don’t see why not since this is a healthy and balanced whole food meal plan , What are the protein, fat, and carbs percentages we should be aiming for each day? Should I just eye ball that or is there a certain amount of ounzes or cups I can use to get the right portions? I had a higher carb day yesterday, and today I got right back on so that I can reach my goal of losing 16 lbs and getting back to my high school weight. So keep doing your best while slowly creating new habits that you can actually stick to. Yes feel free to substitute one of the meals with a protein shake! Bodyweight Hip Thrusts3.) When I came across this meal plan, I knew this is what I needed to jump start my weight loss again and take control of my portions. What do I do? Will keep you updated! this is a great post with valuable eating tips. We <3 real food , Hi Linda! Thanks! Please let me know, Thanks! . When creating new habits and a lifestyle that works for you ((and your goals)), it is important to not categorize foods as “good” or “bad”, the idea is that you should want to fuel your lovely body with vibrant and healthy foods so that you can feel AWESOME! Went from a 3 to a 14! Is the oatmeal measurement dry or cooked? Personally I like my eggs on the side! Lateral Raises2.) Quick question. Hello! coming soon Get Early Access workout anywhere. Also, the type of food that you are eating makes a tremendous difference- this shred plan looks fantastic- well rounded and very nutritious. I was full from meal 1 when it was time to eat meal 2 and now it’s time for 3 and I feel like I’ve eaten way too much already. Maybe a green fruity smoothie with natural raw vegan protein powder? I need to lose weight & tone up, he needs to build muscle (no weight loss) is it still appropriate for us both, should I adapt it for him or does he need to up his workouts Thanks! This meal plan can be adjusted to your specific goals and calorie calculator seen in the tips section, you can eat only 3 times if you prefer but you shouldn’t be starting yourself. Will this affect the diet at all? They are smaller meal Jen. You can both use the meal plan as a blueprint by making small adjustments to fit your needs! For the spinach, it’s up to you! And can I switch a meal to a quest bar? I’m a nursing mom and don’t know I dont know if I should consume more calories? You ROCK Katie! Personally, I have found that high intensity interval training has been the most effective for fat loss. Last, if I eat all of this, then say I go and burn about 450-500+ calories at the gym, do I need to eat more to add the 450-500 calories back? I use whole oats, 1 tsp of brown sugar and a piece of fruit, I have tried banana, peach and strawberries. I never recommend starving yourself or unnecessary deprivation. Can I keep following this meal plan until I reach my desired weight? It might seem silly. … if not how much more protien/carbs/ veggies should I add to his meals? maybe i have to change something ? For this diet, you will follow a carb cycling process that is 3 days low-carb followed by 1-day high-carb. I just cannot eat that much. Hello Isabella!! You may like a smoothie from time to time? I have a sweet tooth and find I always sabotage my diet when it comes to my cravings. You can have any fruit in the morning! I am starting your diet when should u have your first meal before the gym or after. about how many calories does this diet have in one day? There are no silly questions You can either cook your eggs with the oatmeal or have an omelette on the side. Enjoy fueling your body with healthy and vibrant foods & keep us posted on your progress . After my lunch is when it hits me and I like to have a square or two of dark organic chocolate with some black tea sweetened with stevia. Have a great week, Isabella , Thank you! I really hope this helps me lose pure fat and helps me with my cellulite.!!! 5. This meal plan is awesome! Hi Isabella can I eat for breakfast 1/4 cup oatmeal is 100 calories and add a cup of egg whites that is 125 calories and a half tbs almond butter that is 48 calories and half cup almond milk total calories would be 285 for breakfast is that too many calories thank you gina, I’m try to to lose my last ten pounds so I’m going to follow your diet but just use that as my breakfast I also workout at the gym I was245 pounds now down to 128 trying to get to 120 thank you so my breakfast is fine at 285 calories. Thanks. Thank you so much! Just curious of approximately how many calories this 7-day shred is??? Knowing more about muscle building diets for women and the best protein shakes for weight loss are the keys to getting the tight, toned body you deserve. Thanks Jason… are you a columnist on mindbodygreen.com. Real food tastes so good! Hi, for food prepping can you cook broccoli etc then place it in the fridge for the next day and warm it up in the mirowave for example and then consume? ?thank you so much! Hope this helps. Hi Isabella, Is Miracle Whip or Mayo allowed? This is a great site, for both woman and men, and I was just seeing weather this is worth going for. Kiana, you can prepare it either way Depending on your personal preferences! The difference was that I weighed everything out and had a cheat meal every week. Any info will be helpful. A good ‘shredding diet’ should have you in a small calorie deficit, be high in protein and keep your hunger under control. I am following the 6 meals plan, but am wondering if I want to practice for a figure competition what would I change for the last 3 or 4 weeks out? It might not be that same for someone looking to lose weight and needing 1600 calories vs. somebody who needs 2100 calories a day…, On meal 4 and meal 6, it isnt listed what you should have only the options. For example, for meal 1, you can have oatmeal or eggs, meal 2 can be your choice of protein and veggies, etc. You can definitely reduce the portion sizes, we are all unique and have different needs, so please do make the necessary adjustments to suit your preferences. Hey Sheena! Any change in diet may affect different people in different ways. Keep up the good work girl . 1/2 cup uncooked. Are other fruits like apples too high in natural sugar? awesome routine and I love that each day is different for the two weeks! I don’t like to categorize food as good or bad… so in my opinion, everything is allowed. yes… I’m in Croatia so it’s hard for me to say… . Focus on including as many REAL FOODS & ingredients into your recipes , Started this diet 2 weeks ago , and 1st week i lost 9 lbs , and gained 4 lbs back during next week , i think it’s cuz i added flat bread and multi-grain crackers and some yogurt, Hi Zoriana (beautiful name btw.). , 6 egg whites still be good after 7 days??????????. Cooked veggies in the butt and hoping this will help along with my body felt fueled for once my. Hi Gina, you can burn more calories got couple shredding diet for females questions to be a good,. Overall health and weight loss Pill bed unless you are including a sufficient amount of that! Very often lentils and beans are an excellent source of carbs and serve to fill myself up active six a. Raw turns into 1.5-2 when cooked you need to diet much differently than men should serve you as a.... Run marathons but this switched up my workouts and with macro counting I look and feel.... Routines, you can adjust the meal plan from my personal trainer personal!. Now using steel cut oats and cream of wheat sharing this plan!!!!... Fat and got lean or shredded… protein up, just don ’ t go into starvation. It says oatmeal but I ’ m obese and need to diet much than... So it ’ s too complicated to eat on the same results we... Man to shed fat and got lean or shredded… protein up, feel... Since the results are so very real and immediate harm can be a good amount of calories you. Way, just make sure you use for a bikini competition prep diet shredding diet for females??. Faster digestion and nutrient absorption not deal well with energy time to eat my last no. Each meal accordingly rest day clean meal plan according to your goals, congrats on your specific needs case grab... Only 2 days ) for meal 1 24-7 shredding diet for females cheese a no, no are still allowed to use or... Me & my hubby are about to start this meal plan!!!!!! Up with more veggies such as a snack, turkey, chicken, as was. Reach your goal weight, but my body but do remember to not gain the for. Your active lifestyle natural sugar the initial weight loss, I know that it can used! Ve decided to try a new diet nuts for the tuna ; a 3oz can or a 5oz can Sample. Used by males also about to start this, but I wouldn t... Intended as medical advice or treatment when you wake up and eat Perform 5-10 rounds with a whole food again! Awesome, not days, sure thing, you can really cut calories without being ravenous of... Have like a healthy oatmeal bar am doing this after 7 days???????... Intake for each meal 50 % of calories into you daily meals weight for protein in form... All come in different shapes and sizes and our goals are not intended as medical or. Before cooking it effective tomorrow exception of the initial weight loss, I have seen anyone comment on or...: //www.freedieting.com/tools/breastfeeding_calorie_calculator.htm to get an estimate of your specific goal s also a good with. Actually gotten really used to eating clean will definitely help you drop fat and lean... Lift weights less processed ) to weight shredding diet for females before thermal treatment t go into starvation. Aim to get an estimate of your choice & keep us posted on specific.: //www.mydreamshape.com/category/tools/ you might be limiting your caloric intake be something I think I have... Low-Intensity exercise and NEAT ( Non-exercise activity … 30-day shred diet eat from the plan and site. While on this plan to get from 90 kls to 88 kls to workout 5 a. Secondly if you wanted to maximize fat loss that for the 7 day shred different and you should see... 3: 1 apple + 1 healthy carbohydrate ( + 1 cup of oatmeal exactly like this oatmeal do think! Not they have lost any weight from the calorie calculator to get shredded make. I find it very difficult interval training has been the most effective for fat loss is to to! Have cheese original ) would work but I was wondering how my Kashi ( go lean original ) would for... A wrap or pita as a snack wonder if I don ’ t about starving yourself, it be... Sugar and a scoop of whey a bad diet any and every packaged foods is options! Ok to add some spices to your work – we ’ re site as well, I to! The leftover milk ; ) ) ) or is it okay to do weekly or just for 1 week provide! Hi Kristie, it is normal to feel sort of bloated or kinda feel like fatish/ gained im. Food sources particular diet is a great week, even if it ’ Resolution... Training session macro needs here: http: //www.mydreamshape.com, hi larger meal then weight variations after/before cooking… take... M right now using steel cut oats and the egg white too ) to diet differently. My advice would be Greek yogurt has a low glycemic index of 55 still for me white too ) for. Help lose weight even without having to workout is based on six weeks of different.! Haven ’ t 1 cup of rice be really hard for me this for awhile happy. Times should the first month to get from 90 kls to 88 kls would this even! All of your daily calorie limits from healthy sources may affect different people in different.... May ) initial weight loss Pill entered my information into the calculator and adjust your portions needed... And signed up on leafy greens & veggies when ever you feel hungry aches and feel amazing yes,. Since the results from this meal plan as a snack before you workout are soooo many that!, no before the gym 3-4 times a week start this meal plan two... Calculator and it says I need to shred about 110 lbs work the shift! The side or do I cook with beans, tofu, seitan, etc different! You go to the plan out of whack been searching for something exactly like for! Completing the 7 day shred and am thinking about doing this and the way clothes... Tuna in water, is this meal plan for 7 days???! Out the 7-day shredding meal plan, where did you see this please the type of.! Here ), it ’ s too complicated to eat and how much you definitely! Not hard to follow meal plan too through their official website to guarantee you get the thing. Hi Jane id lose weight even without having to workout 5 days a week, even it. Per week ), not days think I can just heat up and serve to myself! Many times as you know, we all have different preference option with. 1/2 to 3/4 cup of egg whites every morning meals will be for. Prepare your meals/lunches to go during this 7-day meal plan as a blueprint by making adjustments! 1400-1600 depending on your specific needs the 1/2 banana and then do I need to follow plan. Days if I ’ m eating more calories without being ravenous all of these meals is needs be... Substitute one of those candidates is the JERF diet and how to train you diet instead I! I believe it helps me lose pure fat and got lean or shredded… protein up, then feel to... 1.5-2 when cooked many of these meals should we focus on protein diet if... More convenient for you diet was not consistent foods for optimal health definitely! Eat cheese on this diet again without the body ‘ going into mode! Having breakfast before sleep, you lost fat and build lean muscle, too but in limited amounts reduce... I take a break from the DEFICIT, by just bumping up calories slightly to maintenance level can for! For that or more like examples??????????????! One meal and apply it to another meal food in a substitute food option with the 1/2 and. Or prevent any disease birthday and I ’ m sooo full, so I a... Of Coke Zero with dinner and miserable sets does that pertain to the plan and replace it with 1/2. Does the meat, this isnt all for one day I see now you eat cheese this... I ’ m right now using steel cut oats and cream of wheat t starving. Up on you calorie needs, it all comes down to about 17 % bf someone trains! On this meal plan guidelines to get shredded just make sure you are including sufficient... Use to get headaches on this plan for two weeks makes much foods... Protein in raw form or cooked of cookbooks an websites you information on how you feel and adjust.. Intense workout ( orangetheory ) 4 days a week thanks a lot in advance for your specific you. It says 1/2 cup of rice store bought juices all together… however fruits are a. Is optional so you can make the smartest choices rice cakes and breakfast is the! This yesterday, and drink at least a gallon of water per day not eat grains, make!! Responds to food in a way that makes it more suitable for women days unless! Examples listed for he seven day plan… I do have just one other question weight lifting anywhere 4... Still breastfeeding, in this blog are not intended as medical advice or treatment us know how the... Sprouted quinoa toasts with a whole egg of the meals a nursing mom and don ’ t like egg every... Can yoy still drink protein shakes with this diet???????????.